Financial Management

A financial manager should consider the investment type and financing solutions very closely and have a thorough and detailed planning when it comes to long-term major decisions. Moreover, he has to pay extra attention to major items like securing stability and promoting company’s present status, financing costs, investment interest, and possible risks regarding the firm’s activities.

These are some questions to which a financial manager should be able to answer:

  • Is the financing type different?
  • Is the firm’s capital structure right?
  • When and where the firm should consider capital increase?
  • Should the firm’s budget all be provided by the income?
  • Should the firm consider external sources for its budget?
  • If external sources are to be used for financing Should it be through investors or other means like seeking facilities can be suitable too?

HPMM can help its customers by financial management as follow:

  • Merge and Acquisition
  • Acquisition Management
  • Investment Management
  • Financing Management
  • Capital Structure Management
  • Evaluating Potential Projects
  • Financial Modeling
  • VAT Increase Factors Priority Identification
  • Preparing Financial Forms for Soft wares
  • Data Management and Organizing
  • Taxation and Financial Success Optimization
  • Business Components Analysis – Market and Perspective
  • Valuation Dynamic Factors Identification
  • Past Performance Analysis and Planning for Future
  • Net Present Value Identification
  • Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cash Flow Identification

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