Construction and real estates may be one of the oldest occupations the mankind ever developed. However, its long history and being interwoven with human being life have not been able to make its complications like high risks, damages by price fluctuation, estate market depression adverse effects, financing, constant changes in tax regulations and their complication any easier than the rest of occupations. On the contrary, because of its numerous service providers ranging from contractors to mass constructors, or from controlling companies to real estate agents, this field problems are even more complicated and professional. And we are professional.

There is no wonder if financing appears to be a difficult issue, worrying over price fluctuation is no longer needed your investments can still be fully profitable, all you need is our help. In this regard we can provide you with:

  • All accounting services
  • Tax calculation and minimization
  • Financial reporting along with economic analysis
  • Investment advisory
  • Cost management
  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Past performance analysis
  • VAT issues
  • Proposed project evaluation

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