Accountancy and Human Resource

HPMM focused on accountancy innovation and technology considering the rapid business growth and to evaluate its performance with growth requisites, put its success management on the basis of comparable systems. Given HPMM development strategy, it has the capability of managing and offering service to diverse companies. Accountancy and financial services can have the privilege of decreasing operational expenses through outsourcing. Moreover, using financial techniques and right soft wares, HPMM is ready to offer integrated process by software systems and financial infrastructures to obtain expense competitiveness.

In addition, the modern approach to human resource as one of the most effective means of increasing income, has boosted human resource value as an asset of any company. As a result in modern accounting reporting the financial statement and economic performance for either natural or legal persons are very important. In line with this services related to human resources has opened a new gate to generating income and avoiding undesirable costs.

Our customer can receive all accountancy (consolidation and standard) and HR services as follow:

  • Multinational Corporation Accountancy
  • Out branching accountancy services (sale, management, financial, etc.)
  • Working Capital Management
  • Preparing Personnel Contracts
  • Employing Process Management
  • Holding Workshop
  • Planning and preparing financial systems along with unit coding
  • Composing Job description
  • Personnel Appraisals
  • Salary Paycheck Calculation
  • Preparing Payroll Tax and Insurance Forms

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