Economical flourishing of a country depends on its productive industries growth and development. However, being faced by lack of liquidity, credit risks, market risks, cost of goods, and cost management means major confusion for country producers which may result in their business decline or profit drop if not demonstrating loss. These complications are easily solved if only in-time professional help is provided. And we are professional.

We minimize your concerns and help you plan your financial strategies to move our country’s production wheels. HPMM group services for productive industries are as follow:

  • All accounting services
  • Internal audit
  • Operational and performance audit
  • Tax calculation and minimization
  • Financial reporting along with economic analysis
  • Investment advisory
  • Cost management
  • Liquidity management
  • Merge and acquisition
  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Human resource services like; recruitment procedure advisory, contract and job description planning
  • Past performance analysis
  • VAT issues

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