Nowadays, collecting thorough and reliable information is essential for making wise decisions toward professional growth and development for all businesses. Businessmen need comprehensive information and reliable analysis and reports so that they can be responsive to their stakeholders, managers, or even partners. The aim of financial consultation is answering to questions below:
  • What consideration should be taken into account in bookkeeping?
  • In executive procedures have all the bottle necks been accounted for?
  • Have all the risks been identified in major future plans?
  • How to prepare and analyze my financial statements?
  • How to arrange my affairs to pay the least possible tax and insurance fee?
  • What are the suitable financial forms, procedures and regulations for our business?
  • Which software is most appropriate for our business development?
  • What should be considered for the institute audit and inventory?
  • What information about financial bylaws and instructions, cost accounting and contractual accounting is required?

Consultation services HPMM offers are as follow:

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Cost Management
  • Strategic Analysis and Alignment
  • Performance Optimization
  • Social Responsibility
  • Budget

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