Many financial predicaments are probable when it comes to transportation. Although the cash flow is high and it is publically believed that it is followed by a wide profit margins, the reality is different and the profit margin is somehow narrow. Since high cash flow though resulting in a remarkable turnover does not necessarily mean a reasonable profitability and could even be the root of two possible problems:

  • Mistaken understanding of parties involved in transportation of the amount of profit and therefore error in liquidity management.
  • Facilitating internal fraud.

Moreover, various tax regulations concerning transportation may increase tax-related mistakes as well. To avoid situations of this nature, the best solution is consulting professionals. And we are professionals.

  • All accounting services
  • Internal audit
  • Tax calculation and minimization
  • VAT issues
  • Financial reporting
  • Investment advisory
  • Cost management
  • Liquidity management
  • Merge and acquisition
  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Human resource services like; recruitment procedure advisory, contract and job description planning

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